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C L E A N I N G H O T E L P R O F E S S I O N A L I S M A T Y O U R S E R V I C E 02 EN



4 ABOUT US A S TOR Y OF SUCC E S S Our numbers: 1987 100 80 4 4.200 year of foundation items in the catalogue patents fi led More than More than We export to over countries worldwide in-country branches: • TTS Spain • TTS Brazil • TTS Germany • TTS UK TTS ITALIA Headquarter TTS BRASIL TTS ESPAÑA TTS UK TTS DEUTSCHLAND

5 It’s a TTS product if... it encourages a high standard of hygiene it reduces times and therefore costs of operations it is ergonomic and protects operator’s health it is easy to use, modular and customizable it is unique in design and details it reduces waste and enviromental impact COMPANY CERTIFICATION • ISO 9001 Certifi cation • ISO 14001 Certifi cation • REACH Compliance PRODUCT CERTIFICATIONS • PSV: Plastic Second Life • EU Ecolabel certifi cation COMMERCIAL BRANCHES • Timely service to customers • Reducing environmental impact of transport USE OF PURE POLYMERS • Products made from 100% polypropylene: fully recyclable • Use of raw materials deriving from recycling: low environmental impact PRODUCTION AND USE OF CLEAN ENERGY • Use of solar energy obtained from the photovoltaic system installed in 2011 CLEANING VALUE EQU I PMENT S P E C I A L I S T S TARGET SUSTAINABILITY A C L E ANE R WOR LD . . .

6 • Over 30 years of activity on the market • Manufacturers specialised in manual equipment • Experts in the cleaning of sanitary environments • Direct experience gained in the fi eld • Needs analysis in diff erent sectors EXPERTISE AND SERVICE Our goals • Ensuring a high level of hygiene, eliminating the possibility of infections • Reducing waste and environmental impact by promoting sustainable development • Optimising operations by reducing cleaning time and costs • Protecting the health and promoting the well-being of operators • Off ering solutions tailored to customer needs • Supporting customers in managing the change of cleaning system • Developping tailor-made projects with our customers Expertise

7 Service • Our experts at your disposal to provide sales force and operators training on the use of TTS products and the correct procedures for cleaning and sanitising environments • Surveys on sites to detect specifi c needs • Wide range of products to fi nd custom-made solutions • Quick deliveries: our stock at your disposal • After sale support, components and spare parts always available How we achieve them • We design eff ective products and systems, committed to improving cleaning protocols • We off er professional solutions that allow you to reduce the use of chemicals and water • We provide complete cleaning systems that allow you to reduce unproductive times • We reduce the loads and eff orts that lead to the onset of occupational diseases • We carry out on sites surveys to detect specifi c needs in order to fi nd custom-made solutions • We train staff and monitor processes to ensure the eff ectiveness of the system

8 One gram of microfi bre contains more than 10 km of yarn: for the same weight, therefore, it is 40 times longer than cotton. Characterized by maximum absorption, it ensures a larger fl oor coverage compared to traditional yarns, with a consequent saving of time and costs. Advantages of microfi bre Microfi bre meets the diff erent needs in terms of cleaning: it can be used to dust, wash and dry any type of surface, acting eff ectively on diff erent degrees of dirt. Quick cleaning Ideal for any type of surface Chemical saving Water saving Time saving Surface drying Long life cycle Ergonomic system MICROFIBREis a fibre, whose thickness is less than 1 DTX (Decitex), able to remove and collect micro particles of dirt and bacteria. Human hair Cotton Microfibre Ultra microfibre Spiderweb 51 DTX 3,2 DTX 0,78 DTX 0,15 DTX 0,14 DTX MICROFIBRE H I GH - P E R FORMANC E

9 Its very fi ne fi bres penetrate into every porosity, eff ectively catching dirt and bacteria: this collection power allows reducing the quantity of cleaning solution necessary to guarantee hygienisation, thus reducing consumption of chemical and water. On the contrary, with traditional yarns you carry out a partial cleaning as they collect and retain only a part of the dirt and bacteria present on the surfaces. Microfi bre is effi cient not only in the cleaning phase but also when this operation is fi nished: it resists to frequent washing more than natural yarns, ensuring a long life and an excellent investment over time. TTS Microfi bres TTS off ers a wide range of microfi bres highly effi cient designed to appropriately meet the needs of the diff erent surfaces to be treated. Supports for Microfi bres TTS microfi bres are available with diff erent fi nishes to satisfy any need: fl aps, pockets, strap tape system, pockets-fl aps and micro fl aps. Soft Pro Soft Striat Soft Band Ultrasafe Microsafe Microblue Microriccio R EDUC T I ON OF CHEM I CA L

11 ROOM CLEANING C L E AN I NG AND DUS T I NG Cleaning furniture and vertical surfaces CLEAN GLASS KIT It cleans and dries at once shiny surfaces as mirrors and glasses, reducing 70% of the traditional costs. STEEL-T CLOTH It can be used damp for cleaning taps, tiles and steel surfaces, chrome and ceramic surfaces. It polishes, degreases and has an eff ective action against limescale, withstanding over 250 washes.* MULTI-T LIGHT MICROFIBRE CLOTH To be used dry for a quick and daily passage and wet for a deeper dusting of any surface. Available in 4 colours to manage risk in diff erent areas (colour coded). It withstands over 250 washes*. **following the recommended washing instructions for microfi bres EQUIPMENT FOR CLEANING AND DUSTING SURFACES KIT00073 PRO Kit for mirrors, glasses and stainless steel cleaning: 1 Microblue microfi bre fl at mop, 1 Frame with strap tape system, 1 aluminium telescopic handle, 1 Clean Glass frame, 1 Clean Glass fl at mop 00008882 Bendy frame 60 cm B030408 Bendy and Bit acrylic mop head 60 cm B030418 Bendy and Bit microfi bre mop head 60 cm TCH401020 Steel-T cloth (pack with 5 pcs) TCH101519 Multi-T Light 4 colours 00008895 BiLap Twist frame 54 x 11 cm

12 Pre-soaking system with Hermetic buckets It has been demonstrated that the best performance in terms of hygiene is achieved by using a clean and soaked mop in each new environment: pre-soaking makes this good practice possible. TRILOGY SYSTEM 00007700 Trilogy frame with Block System 00GG9000BR Tri Wet 1 Bicolor fl at mop 00BG9000RB Tri Wet 1-Safe Bicolor fl at mop S590842 Hermetic grid 10/20 L 0B003215 Hermetic bucket with lid 20 L 00003503 6 L bucket with upper handle ADVANTAGES It allows you to use a clean mop for each area to be treated, ensuring greatest control on cross contamination It speeds up and simplifi es cleaning operations, signifi cantly reducing related costs It reduces cleaning solution and environmental impact It ensures maximum ease of use and reduces the operator’s strain while protecting his health P R E - SOA K I NG

13 Half mops…double gain! Flatmopping systemwith double sided frame INFO AND ADVANTAGES Double cleaning; cut the quantity of necessary mops in half Removes and captures micro dirt particles and more than 95% of bacteria Ensures a large fl oor coverage thanks to the high absorbing power The two cleaning sides allow the management of diff erent risk areas with one single mop, avoiding cross contamination between high, medium and low risk areas WA SH I NG Label with mop type and washing instructions Double-sided mops The ultra-microfi bre range developed by TTS guarantees optimum performances for any operation and is perfectly suitable to any kind of surface and dirt. ULTRA MICROFIBRE FAST-HOLDING EDGE Its shape keeps the mop fi xed during use Mop made of 100% cleaning surface


15 PATENTED SYSTEM SISTEMA BREVETTATO WA SH I NG Intuitive, handy and universal system INFO AND ADVANTAGES The frame remains partially open to ensure an easy set-up of the tool. Flat mop can be quickly fi xed to the frame: simply place the frame on the fl oor and press down. The buttons allow you to detach the used mop avoiding any contact with dirty fi bres Micro-fl aps are designed to stay fi xed to the frame during cleaning operations This system can be used with the whole range of TTS wringers, according to your specifi c needs DRY TEC O-KEY Flat wringer No compatibility issues Soaking on-demand Wringing systems Presoaking Uni System is an intuitive, handy and universal system, developed to facilitate cleaning operations of the surfaces and grant maximum hygiene. You don’t have to change frame and mops according to the system you are using. Uni System allows you to reduce the necessity of diff erent frames for diff erent cleaning methods: it is possible to use the same frame with both soaking systems. Uni System can be used with the whole range of TTS wringers.

B A A B 0M000705 Microriccio fl at mop with strap tape system - 40 cm KIT0P887U Infi nity Velook kit 40 cm

360° 17 Ergonomic system with twisting grips and frame with joint INFO AND ADVANTAGES It facilitates the “∞” movement and the professional cleaning of the fl oor It reduces wrist movements by 75% in comparison with traditional handles It ensures the maintenance of a correct posture during cleaning operations The handle locks with a click, allowing you to rest the tool safely 00001054 Infi nity Basic handle with ergonomic twisting grip 184 cm 00001056 Infi nity Pro handle with double ergonomic twisting grip 184 cm KIT0P961U Kit Lamello Infi nity system 60 cm 00000887U Infi nity Velook frame 40 cm 00000870U Infi nity Uni System frame 40 cm 00000868U Infi nity Wet System Light frame 40 cm 00000862U Infi nity Wet Disinfection frame 40 cm 00000877U Infi nity Blik frame 40 cm Infi nitely ergonomic! WA SH I NG

B A A B 00000727 Microblue fl at mop with strap tape system - 40 cm 00000970E BIO Basic with strap tape system 40 cm

19 INFINITY LOBBY AND HALL CLEANING DUS T I NG AND WA SH I NG Dry and damp dusting systems LAMELLO WITH ANTISTATIC CLOTHS Lamello is a frame with 45° inclined rubber blades that adheres perfectly to any surface, ensuring eff ective dirt collection. The disposable cloth is soaked with atoxic mineral oil that captures dirt and dust without leaving residue. Using a clean mop for each area ensures greatest control on cross contamination. DUSTING FRAME WITH MOP The foldable dusting frame is composed of a plate and articulation in polypropylene and an adjustable metal structure that makes mop fi xing to the frame easier. The mop 100% acrylic eff ectively captures dust thanks to the natural anti-static action that is generated by rubbing fi bres. BIO SYSTEM WITH MOP BIO System is a handle with tank always ready-to-use making cleaning operations quick and easy, reducing the use of chemical in comparison with traditional systems with bucket and wringer. Microblue is a microfi bre fl at mop highly absorbent, that penetrates into the microporosity of the fl oor, collecting dirt and more than 95% of bacteria. DUSTING AND WASHING SYSTEMS 00000961 Lamello 60 cm 00000751 Dusting antistatic cloths 60x20 cm 00000802 Metal and plastic frame for dusting 60 cm 00000146 Basic Acrylic dust mop 60 cm 00001170 Ray Infi nity tank handle 00000887U Infi nity Velook frame 40 cm 00AE9525BB Soft Striat fl at mop with border 40 cm

21 Flat mopping system for common areas TRILOGY AND WET SYSTEM Trilogy system doubles surface cleaning and allows wringing half as much in order to clean, saving time, eff ort, water and chemical solution. Trilogy is designed to be used with TriPress lever wringer, provided with buckets with practical handle holder, coloured handles help to identify rinsing water and cleaning solution and snap-together bucket system, no dripping. Wet System washing and disinfection system is ideal for professional and eff ective surface cleaning and can be used with Nickita trolley and Action Pro bucket. WASTE COLLECTION WITH B-FLY System with dustpan and fl oor squeegee to collect any type of dirt, either solid or liquid. Everything you need at your fi ngertips: dustpan with rubber edge that adapts perfectly to any type of fl oor and foldable grip in order to save space, fl oor squeegee designed to grant highest collection and 10 ready-to-use bags. WASHING AND WASTE COLLECTION SYSTEM MM300B7A0000 Mini Magic 300B7 00007700 Trilogy frame with Block System 00GG9000BR Tri Wet 1 Bicolor fl at mop 00BG9000RB Tri Wet 1-Safe Bicolor fl at mop 0V066480 Action Pro Dry 00000870Y Uni System frame with Block System - 40 cm 0000L410B Microblue Uni System fl at mop - 40 cm 0000H410B Ultrasafe Uni System fl at mop - 40 cm 00006161VE Nickita Tec 00036384 Mini Bucket O-Key 00005647 B-Fly Plus kit 00005630 Clip dustpan with lid and grip CLEANING OF COMMON AREAS WA SH I NG

23 HOSPITALITY TROLLEYS S E R V I C E T ROL L E Y S TTS service trolleys meet the specifi c needs of the hotel industry, perfectly combining aesthetics and functionality: the solutions off ered facilitate the cleaning and the rearrangement of the rooms, integrating harmoniously into the environment in which they operate. The modularity that characterizes the entire range allows you to confi gure the trolley based on actual needs, thus ensuring maximum effi ciency: a custom-made trolley allows you to perform the various operations more quickly, thus reducing their cost. LEGEND Doors and panels customizing Drawers combination Shelves combination Front cover Small luggage transport Tablet holder High load capacity THE ART OF BEING BEAUTIFUL MagicArt: the line of TTS trolleys, unique for its elegance, diversity of style, range of functions and attention to details: all the typical features of Italian design in the world. Made entirely of polypropylene, MagicArt represents the evolution of the traditional idea of hotel trolleys. They can be completely customized not only in their single components but in their whole image. Thanks to important planning studies and the use of new technologies, the graphical customization of trolleys has no limits. MagicArt will help to strengthen your image, your service and your professionalism. 270° 180° 90° WIDE DOOR OPENING Highest working comfort 120 L FOLDABLE BAG HOLDER Saving space and handy 360° FIFTH WHEEL Easy to move even fully-loaded

24 0H0B3875 Green Hotel 875 155 cm 55 cm 129 cm Magic Hotel is the range of TTS trolleys conceived for the hotel industry and designed to off er the best in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Magic Hotel line allows you to choose between elegant standard graphic compositions and customizationwithyour logooran imageof your choice to make the trolley a communication vehicleperfectly integrated intotheenvironment that surrounds it. Green Hotel trolleys are the result of TTS experience in the hotel fi eld and of our attention to operators’ needs. Thanks to their modern design, Green Hotel trolleys improve your image and professional competence and help you to give a high-quality service, as they are spacious, easy to move, compact, modular and can be completed with accessories. S E R V I C E T ROL L E Y S

25 MAGICART M060R02N10000 M220R02N01000 M262R02N01200 M252R02N0120Z MagicArt 06 Safety MagicArt 22 Safety MagicArt 26 Safety Plus MagicArt 252-Z Safety Plus 113 mm 64 mm 142,5 mm 197 cm 64 cm 103,5 cm 154 cm 64 cm 142,5 cm 206 cm 64 cm 142,5 cm M262R02N0120R M050R02N10220 M300R02N30310 M250R02N0100Z MagicArt 262-R Safety Plus MagicArt 05 Safety - Mini Bar MagicArt 20 Safety - Mini Bar MagicArt 26 Safety Plus 174 cm 64 cm 142,5 cm 81 cm 64 cm 142,5 cm 110 cm 64 cm 103,5 cm 113 mm 64 mm 142,5 mm MAGIC HOTEL MH900S0T0V00 V MH880B0T0V00 MH890B0T0V00 Magic Hotel 900S Magic Hotel 880B Magic Hotel 890B 103 cm 56 cm 107 cm 142 cm 58 cm 107 cm 177 cm 58 cm 107 cm GREEN HOTEL 0H003920 0H003925 0H003940 Green Hotel 920 Green Hotel 925 Green Hotel 940 127 cm 53 cm 128 cm 159 cm 53 cm 128 cm 107 cm 53 cm 128 cm

27 Let your imagination run wild! With MagicArt you can personalize your trolley at most. On demand you can customize MagicArt with your logo or any other picture you like in order to make the trolley an integral part of your environment. Allow your customers to use unique trolleys to: PROMOTE ADVERTISE DECORATE Making their company more visible Promoting other business sectors Using trolleys which match up with their premises FILM PRINTING INJECTION PRINTING Very short delivery times Delivery times to be agreed Ideal for limited quantities Ideal for large quantities printing PP adhesive This solution involves printing on an adhesive fi lm which is then applied to the doors and walls of the trolley. This solution involves printing directly on the trolley doors and walls during production High quality printing; adhesive fi lm with high resistance guarantee Scratch resistent printing, chemical-resistant CUS TOM I Z I NG T ROL L E Y S

28 SPACE ORGANIZATION D I V I DE R S BAG HOLDE R AND DR AWE R S Dividers 120L and 150L bag holder • Hygienic, as completely smooth and with no slits • Foldable bag holder to save space • Block system for horizontal and vertical position • Equipped with 2 fi xed hooks and 1 removable handle holder It can be divided from 1 up to 3 sections: 120 L 2x60 L 30+90 L 3x30 L • Wide opening of the lid to drop off easily waste • Easy pull-out of the bag • Rounded edges and smooth surfaces for an easy outside cleaning • Handy grip to carry the trolley and non-marking wheels • Bag holder closed on 4 sides for a complete hygiene It can be divided from 1 up to 3 sections: 150 L 2x75 L 50+100 L 3x50 L Set with adhesive labels for separate waste collection • Modern and charming design: recycling is now easy and satisfying…with a touch of style! • Easy to be applied on containers, waste bins or service trolleys • Customize your working tools for a separate waste collection, really making a difference • Each waste at the right place: paper, glass, plastic, metal or food waste PAPER GLASS METAL PLASTIC FOOD WASTE Cod. S060124 Cod. S060126 Cod. S060127 Cod. S060128 Cod. S060123 Dividers for plastic drawers MagicArt allows the 100% use of the space, customizing it according to specific needs: the different solutions offered allow you to have a trolley always tidy, organized and nice to see. MagicArt trolleys are equipped with big shelves and large drawers, repositionable quickly depending on your needs, and can be equipped with a convenient tray, ideal for transporting checklists and pens. 150 L 2x75 L 50+100 L 3x50 L

29 DIVIDERS FOR DRAWER Cod. R490889 Divider for Magic drawer with 12 partitions Cod. R490888 Divider for Magic drawer with 9 partitions Cod. R590844 Set with divider for Magic drawer with 4 partitions Cod. R590845 Set with divider for Magic drawer with 5 partitions INSERTS FOR 120L AND 150L BAG HOLDER Cod. S070335 Insert for 120 L bag holder - 2x70L Cod. S070345 Insert for 120 L bag holder - 30+90L Cod. S070370 Insert for 120 L bag holder - 3x40L Cod. S590724 Insert for 120 L bag holder - 1x20 L (for 2x70 L bag holder) Cod. R590719 Insert for 150 L bag holder DIVIDERS Cod. 00003687 Divider for courtesy line Cod. 00003679 - (46x46 cm) Cod. 00003677 - (66x46 cm) Divider for courtesy line Cod. 00003671 Side covering with pockets BATHROBE HOLDER Cod. 00003699 Cod. 00003699W Set with bathrobe holder Cod. 00003669 Bathrobe holder SOME SUGGESTIONS

30 RANGE OF MOTORIZED TROLLEYS EMPOWE R YOUR T ROL L E Y Same, easy handling as the traditional trolley without the eff ort of pushing Use the total loading capacity of the trolley Maximum power and safety guaranteed Eff ective even on ramps, rises and slopes Faster operations with time savings Simpler operations with increased productivity Reduced eff ort and protection of the operator’s health Easy and fast handling system at your fi ngertips

31 E A S Y AND F A S T , A T YOUR F I NGE R T I P S DIFFERENTIALMOTORIZATIONSYSTEM • It carries up to 150 kg without requiring any operator eff ort • Works on gradients of up to 8%, even when fully loaded SPEED MANAGEMENT • Forward speed adjustment from2 to 4.5 km / h depending on the needs • Reverse speed control to ensure maximum safety LITHIUM BATTERY • Greater power and long life • High autonomy of use (8 hours) RUBBER WHEELS • Available for indoor or outdoor use • Designed to face any type of fl ooring INTEGRATED USB PORT • In order to charge mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones MAGICART *E200R02801000 *E250R02801000 *E260R02801000 *E270R02801000 MagicArt 20 Safety Energy MagicArt 25 Safety Energy MagicArt 26 Safety Plus Energy MagicArt 27 Safety Plus Energy 110 cm 64 cm 110,5 cm 110 cm 64 cm 149,5 cm 154 cm 64 cm 149,5 cm 197 cm 64 cm 149,5 cm MAGIC HOTEL *EH880S080V00 V *EH880E080V00 V *EH890B080V00 *EH890S080V00 V Magic Hotel 880S Energy Magic Hotel 880E Energy Magic Hotel 890B Energy Magic Hotel 890S Energy 144 cm 58 cm 114 cm 149 cm 58 cm 114 cm 179 cm 58 cm 114 cm 179 cm 58 cm 114 cm *Codes refer to the versions with wheels for indoor use, request the confi guration with wheels for outdoor use

32 BASIC CLIMB TRAIL PIVOT Ideal for stairs and ramps Ideal for outdoor and bungalows Ideal for small spaces

33 SERVICE TROLLEY D I S CR E T I ON A T YOUR S E R V I C E Designed to meet the needs of the modern housekeeper INFO AND ADVANTAGES EFFICIENT: it allows you to carry out daily cleaning and restocking of guest amenities quickly and without attracting attention ORGANISED: enhanced with movable dividers to customise the space, depending on the activities to be carried out, creating an eff ective ordered system that is easy to transport REMOVABLE: the interior compartments can be removed easily and quickly, facilitating cleaning and hygiene LARGE: equipped with multiple compartments and containers of diff erent sizes that allow you to have all you need at your fi ngertips H-CUBE 0H003890 0HK03890 0HL03890 0H003895 H-Cube Basic H-Cube Climb H-Cube Trail H-Cube Pivot 67 cm 43 cm 100 cm 67 cm 47 cm 108 cm 72 cm 49 cm 104 cm 67 cm 43 cm 97,5 cm Componenti e accessori 00003263 00003268 00003262R 00003265R 6 L Eroy bucket Lid for Eroy bucket WC Eroy bucket Eroy brush

35 0F0A3700ET Shelf A3700 0H003950U Green Hotel 950 0H003955U Green Hotel 955 Trolleys for every need The range of TTS trolleys is the result of our experience in the fi eld and of our attention to operators’ needs. Characterized by a practical and functional design, the trolleys stand out for their particular layout that can ensure maximum capacity, compactness and ease of operation. Laundry trolleys ERGONOMIC DESIGN Ideal for dirt linen collection, they allow bag extraction without the need to lift it, avoiding traumas and fatigue on the vertebral column. 0H003915 Green Hotel 915 0H003917 Green Hotel 917 00004055 + 00003610 Linen trolley Dust Export Trolleys for catering sector and luggage trolleys PRACTICAL AND NOISELESS Shelf is designed to facilitate and make more comfortable the transport operations and assures a noiseless moving compared to traditional metal trolleys. ROBUST AND RESISTANT Green Hotel 950 and 955 trolleys off er a maximum load capacity of 200 kg and are ideal to transport luggage in hotel hall. RELATED TROLLEYS GR E EN HOT E L , DUS T , SHE L F

37 Discrete solutions for waste collection TTS bins and waste collection trolleys are characterized by a modern layout, ergonomic design and attention to details. DERBY 90 L OPEN-UP 90 L 70 L BIN SMILE BAG HOLDER 00005670 00005700 00005781 0W004620 Bin with pedal and lid, provided with odour eliminating cartridge box and 100 mm wheels Bin with pedal with front door, lid with odour eliminating cartridge box, Shhut System and 125 mm wheels Bin with two ø 100 mm wheels, lid opening to 270° and reclinable handle, with drainpipe for an easy cleaning 120 L bag holder with lid, pedal and 125 mm back wheels and 80 mm front wheels ELLE DOT SWING BIN PUSH BIN 17 L - 00005480 17 L - 00005481 23 L - 00005490 3 L - 00005836 5 L - 00005835 12 L - 00005830 25 L - 00005861 40 L - 00005860 25 L - 00005852 35 L - 00005851 50 L - 00005850 17/23Lsanitarybinwith largeopening lid, pedal, bag tightener and odour eliminating cartridgebox Chromed steel bin with lid, pedal and removable plastic inner bucket Stainless steel bin with fl at lid, with pressure opening Stainless steel bin with hemispherical lid, with pressure opening BINS WA S T E B I NS AND WA S T E COL L E C T I ON T ROL L E Y S

39 The accessories that make professional cleaning easier, handy and safe Each TTS accessory is made with the highest quality materials and is characterized by a user-oriented design. TELESCOPIC HANDLE Cod. 00001044 It is possible to adapt the handle to the height of the operator, reducing operator’s strain SCOUT HANDLE HOLDER Cod. 00003319V To be applied to the handles from 21 to 29 mm to be able to lay them safely at any time, thus preventing accidents IDRO PRO FILLING PIPE Cod. R040401 It allows fi lling buckets from sinks thanks to the universal plug COLOURED LAUNDRY NETS FOR MOPS AND CLOTHS Cod. 00001834R It is introduced in the washing machine eliminating the direct contact with dirty fi bres and reduces the rubbing of the mops during the washing phase, preventing wear and tear. TWO SIDED FLOOR SIGN - EN Cod. 00003560 Ideal to carry out safely cleaning activities and preventing accidents and lawsuits UNIVERSAL DOORSTOP WITH HANDLE Cod. 00001060V Easy application and removal without bending and it leaves no marks on doors and surfaces thanks to its special thermoplastic rubber edge NO ENTRY DOOR SIGNAGE Cod. 00003900 Fits doors of diff erent sizes with no damage to door surfaces, blocking access to areas under maintenance BOTTLE RACK WITH REMOVABLE DIVIDERS Cod. 0E005105 It allows you to organize all you need to clean bedrooms and bathrooms, each tool at your fi ngertips RELATED EQUIPMENT ACC E S SOR I E S

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