Clean & Go Floor cleaning JET handle with tank FEATURES • Ready-to-use: the system ensures a fast and easy approach to cleaning, it gives you a quick and simple solution to remove dirt • Lightweight and ergonomic : the aluminium handle and the ergonomic handgrip with button allow to work in a proper position, without bending • Handy and flexible : it is so easy to use that it requires no training, its use is fast and intuitive • Reduce waste: easy-to-fill tank and solution control directly from the handle, delivering just the right amount of detergent needed for the job in hand TECHNICAL DETAILS MAX 500 ml 3< pH <10 Insert the JET handle into frame Open the cap and fill the handle with solution Press the button to spray solution onto the floor Distribution onto the floor TECHNICAL DATA A A. Frame with velcro system and universal oval clips, 40 cm B. Soft Striat flat mop velcro system with border, 40 cm C C. Jet handle, capacity 500 ml, Ø 26 mm code sizes packaging Kg m³ A+B+C 00001102BK00 - 1 1,61 0,021 C 00001100B 148 cm 5 3,3 0,021 01 EN TTS Cleaning S.R.L. (Soc. a Socio Unico): - 35010 - Viale dell’Artigianato, 12-14 - Santa Giustina in Colle (PD) - Italy - Tel: +39/049 93.00.710 - Fax: +39/049 93.00.720 - E-mail: B TTS Cleaning - CFCE038 - 09/2017