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IS BETTER G R E E N P R O D U C T S E L E C T I O N IT/016/039 ISO 14067 Environmental ertification valid for a selection of plastic products Environmental certification valid for a selection of plastic products Environmentalcertification valid for a selection of textile products

A cleaner future? It’s in our hands 2

A STORY OF SUCCESS ABOUT US 1987 year of foundation 15 years: average length of service of our staff 42.000 m² of warehouses More than 100 patents filed We export to over 80 countries worldwide 4 foreign branches: Spain, Brazil, UK and Germany More than 4.200 items in the catalogue 3

A CLEANER WORLD... TARGET SUSTAINABILITY PRODUCT CERTIFICATIONS PSV: Plastic Second Life • Ecolabel UE • Carbon Footprint Systematic Approach • ISO 14067 COMPANY CERTIFICATION REACH Compliance • ISO 14001 Certification • ISO 9001 Certification • ECOVADIS Certification • 4

COMMERCIAL BRANCHES • Timely service to customers • Reducing environmental impact of transports USE OF PURE POLYMERS • Products made from 100% polypropylene: fully recyclable • Use of raw materials deriving from recycling: low environmental impact PRODUCTION AND USE OF CLEAN ENERGY • Use of solar energy obtained from the photovoltaic system installed in 2011 5

IS BETTER TTS has always been committed to the eco-sustainability of its production and the safeguard of natural resources, always following many eco-sustainability criteria: using environmental company and product labels recognised at European level; promoting material recycling; designing systems that minimise environmental impact; favouring clean energy sources; and much more! Many of such actions are in line with the European Directives (GPP - Green Public Procurement), which outline the approach used by Public Administrations in incorporating environmental requirements in all the stages of the procurement process, promoting environmental technologies and the develop of more environmentally acceptable products. 6

has been working for 30 years at the service of customers Your satisfaction is our objective! We continuously work to give you high quality products, easy to use and long lasting, so that you can save on costs and service times. Our R&D department is always busy in designing for you systems ensuring more efficient, hygienic and eco-sustainable cleaning processes for all operators! WHY CHOOSE TTS? GREEN IS BETTER Products with PSV-certified components Systems designed to save water Cloths, flat mops and mops certified EU Ecolabel Textile production powered by solar energy Repairable products 7

Logistics solutions ZERO PLASTIC GOAL OPTIMIZED TRANSPORT 98.8% of the products sold travel inside cardboard packaging, an ecological material as it is made of natural fibres and easily recyclable at the end of life. 91% of the cardboard used contains 80% to 100% recycled paper. The products are designed to take up as little space as possible: stackable frames, foldable bag holders and compactable handles are just some of the solutions developed by TTS which, in addition to ensuring maximum efficiency in terms of space saving, allow to optimize packaging and therefore transport, reducing the environmental impact. 8

SUPPLIERS ZERO KM THE ORIGIN OF MATERIALS Suppliers and printers within a 45 km radius! The plastic used to make the products comes exclusively from selected suppliers that are located at a maximum distance of 45 km from TTS headquarters: the proximity to manufacturers and printers makes it possible to guarantee the origin of the materials and reduce CO2 emissions linked to transport. 9

Clean Energy Choosing its own growth policies, TTS has always privileged choices of sustainable technological innovation and environmental responsibility of production processes. In this perspective, since 2011 it has installed three photovoltaic systems on the roofs of its headquarters: with a total power of 310 kWp, it is able to produce up to 400.000 kWh/year. The clean energy obtained from the plant is able to completely feed the company. 10

310kWp the HQ self-sufficient photovoltaic plant makes 11

500 Carbon Footprint The climate change we are witnessing is an urgent and potentially irreversible threat that requires, today more than ever, to be a priority: to combat global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The commitment of TTS on this front has resulted in the development of a system for the quantification of greenhouse gas emissions for each phase of the product life according to ISO 14067: in this way, it is possible to identify the most critical phases, implementing concrete actions aimed at reducing CO2e. Our commitment has allowed us to reach an important goal: TTS is one of the first companies in the world to have obtained the implemented CFP Systematic Approach certification. The CFP calculation can be carried out on the trolley lines: Magic, MagicArt, Magic Hotel, Green, Green Hotel, Nick, Nickita. carbon footprint study products with 12

Downstream 12,74% Core 9,71% Upstream 77,55% MAGIC LINE 120 Since the software creation, TTS has continued to feed its library and can now calculate the impact of more than 500 products including trolleys, equipment and textiles. The flexibility of the software allows us to create customised data sheets for our customers, including destinations and shipping methods used for delivery. ASK US FOR YOUR CALCULATION MORE THAN 500 PRODUCTS WE’LL DO YOUR LCA STUDY 54,94 Kg CO2e Calculation made on a trolley delivered in Rome 13

THE FIRST CARBON NEUTRAL TROLLEY LINE Carbon Neutral In 2019 TTS has started a long-term compensation programme to fully absorb the emissions associated with the annual production of Magic trolleys thus making it A concrete gesture in support of important projects of responsible environmental management that not only allows the absorption of countless tons of CO ² but also helps to safeguard endangered ecosystems, protect biodiversity and protect the work of local communities. 14

100% RECYCLABLE PLASTIC TROLLEYS Magic trolleys are greener! RECYCLED POLYPROPYLENE VIRGIN POLYPROPYLENE CHROMED IRON STAINLESS STEEL ALUMINUM TTS trolleys are made with certified recycled plastic PSV - Second Life Plastic components. The use of recycled plastic makes it possible to reduce CO2 emissions during production by one third compared to those already released with virgin polypropylene. The impact of virgin polypropylene is in fact 8 times lower compared to aluminum, 1 time compared to stainless steel and half compared to chrome-plated iron. Moreover, TTS trolleys are 100% recyclable at end of life 15

150 Recycled plastic PLASTIC SECOND LIFE The PSV mark allows easy identification of materials and manufactured products obtained from the recycling of plastic waste, thus guaranteeing their sustainability and low environmental impact. Environmental responsibility has always influenced TTS’s choices, also with regard to raw materials: the result is a wide range of products with components made of recycled plastic, certified Second Life Plastic (PSV) by the Institute for the Promotion of Recycling Plastics (IPPR). Unlike simple self-declarations, PSV certification is a structured system that guarantees the quality and traceability of recycled plastics. In addition, it involves periodic surveillance by the Certification Authority to ensure compliance over time with the requirements for the maintenance of the mark. recycled plastic (PSV) items in

CERTIFIED AS PLASTIC SECOND LIFE COMPONENTS MULTIPURPOSE TROLLEYS Products with PSV components ensure maximum resistance, long life and minimum environmental impact PLASTIC BUCKETS WASHING TROLLEYS CONTAINERS AND BINS 17

Components made of up to 97% recycled plastic 100% recyclable at end of life Efficient, solid and long-lasting Well-finished design and original colours Don’t settle for black, choose cleaning in full colour 18 colourful isn’t just Green


TTS has always been committed to designing sustainable professional products and systems, solely using quality materials with low environmental impact. In specific, the company sets itself apart due to its wide range of cleaning trolleys manufactured using high quantities of recycled polypropylene, certified as Plastic Second Life. The polypropylene makes TTS trolleys particularly strong, long lasting and completely recyclable at the end of their life, contributing in a tangible way to the safeguard of the environment. Products certified with the PSV – “Plastic Second Life” brand are made with recycled plastic raw materials and certified by the IPPR, the Institute for the Promotion of Recycling Plastics. Trolleys PLASTIC SECOND LIFE 20


TTS offers a wide range of trolleys with wringer, from the most compact to the most complete, always in the name of total modularity of the components and maximum customization, ideal for cleaning all medium-small environments. Nick and Nickita trolleys are all produced with percentages of recycled plastic above the minimum required, while maintaining the original colours with the quality that has always distinguished TTS products. TTS trolleys are green even at the end of their life, the polypropylene used in their production makes them 100% recyclable. The “Plastic Second Life” mark is an environmental product certification intended for materials and products obtained from the recycling of plastic waste. PLASTIC SECOND LIFE Washing trolleys 22

PSV-CERTIFIED COMPONENTS NICK AND NICKITA TROLLEYS NICK NICKITA Double Nick Dry with lateral handle cod. 00066183 Nickita Dry - 50L cod. 00066161VE 23

Products certified with the PSV - Plastic Second Life brand: made with recycled plastic raw materials and certified by the IPPR, the Institute for the Promotion of Recycling Plastics. Containers, which, in addition to favouring the differentiation of waste for the recovery of raw materials, are themselves made with recycled plastics. Finally, they are completely recyclable at the end of their lives! Waste collection TTS solutions include several products certified PSV - Plastic Second Life made with 97% recycled plastic. Since 2012 TTS have been using only premium recycled plastic, the only option that allows traditional colours. All polypropylene containers are green even at the end of their life as they are 100% recyclable. 24

MAX DERBY Product Selection - Available in other model, colour and size variants SEPARATE WASTE COLLECTION Max 50 L cod. 00005062 Max 25 L cod. 00005203 Max 12 L cod. 00005220J Derby XL - 60 L cod. 00005692 Derby L - 30 L cod. 00005714 Manage separate waste collection and minimize enviromental impact! PSV-CERTIFIED COMPONENTS 25

IT/016/039 Ecolabel Textiles The wide range of TTS yarns includes flat mops and mops certified Ecolabel EU, the environmental excellence mark of the European Union that identifies the products with the lowest environmental impact. The prestigious label was issued after a careful evaluation by independent experts, carried out based on rigorous scientifically defined criteria. In an Ecolabel product there is a certification for the absence or presence within very strict limits of countless substances harmful to both people and the environment, including lead, formaldehyde and biocides. The Ecolabel also certifies sustainability from the production phase and resistance over time to washing, rubbing and light. The EU Ecolabel is a European eco-label that certifies products with high performance standards and low environmental impact throughout their life cycle. EU ECOLABEL 26

ULTRASAFE MICROBLUE MICROSAFE MOP COTONE MICROSAFE WIDE 80 MICROSPLIT 32 ALLICE ECO Ecolabel products ensure high performance, minimum environmental impact and health protection. CERTIFIED ECOLABEL UE FLAT MOPS AND MOPS Product Selection - Available in other model, colour and size variants EU Ecolabel flat mops, mops and cloths certified 27

According to the study ‘Plastic in Nature: Assessing Plastic Ingestion from Nature to People’ commissioned by the WWF from Newcastle University (Australia), 250 grams of microplastics ingested through liquids and food pass through a human body every year, with little known health effects. TTS had its bestselling mops tested according to ISO 23231 by a specialised external laboratory to detect the release of microplastics during textile washing: Microriccio and Microblue passed the test and were confirmed as environmentally friendly products. Fewer microplastic emissions mean more protection for the environment and health: using wash-resistant textiles helps take care of our planet and its inhabitants. Sustainable in the washing machine 28

MICRORICCIO 0,58 dTex MICROBLUE 0,16 dTex Product Selection - Available in other model, colour and size variants Microfibre classified as low release of microplastics during laundering are sustainable even in the washing machine LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT FLAT MOP 29

The range of TTS cotton dust mops is made from 100% recycled yarn, in line with the environmental policies of the company, which has always preferred to use raw materials derived from recycling and which can be recycled again at the end of their life. TTS mops ensure effective dusting: they capture and retain even the smallest particles of dust and residual dirt, avoiding lifting and consequent dispersion in the environment. In addition, they are designed to last a long time, making them an excellent investment. The advantages of TTS cotton • Fast, effective and residue-free cleaning • Complete removal of dust and residual dirt • Very low friction and adherence to the floor Recycled cotton 30

Recycled cotton dust mops help sustainable development EFFECTIVE DUSTING, GREATER SUSTAINABILITY RECYCLED AND RECYCLABLE COTTON Cotton dust mop for wide open spaces V-sweeper Middle Cotton dust mop for wide open spaces Cotton dust mop with laces Basic Cotton dust mop Cotton dust mop with pockets Middle Cotton dust mop 31

TTS offers a wide range of microfibres highly efficient and with low environmental impact. Microfibre, thanks to its high absorbing power guarantees a large floor coverage while the physical-mechanical action of its fibres acts on dirt molecules, catches them thus reducing the quantity of water and chemical needed. Microfibre is characterised by increased resistance and longer life of the product in comparison with traditional yarns, confirming itself as an excellent long-term investment. MICROFIBRE COTTON Microfibre 32

MICRORICCIO 0,58 dTex MICROSPLIT 32 0,20 dTex MICROBLUE BCS 0,16 dTex MICROSAFE 0,16 dTex MICROBLUE 0,16 dTex SOFT PRO 0,75 | 0,58 dTex SOFT STRIAT 0,56 dTex SOFT BAND 0,75 dTex ULTRASAFE 0,16 dTex MICROSAFE WIDE 0,16 dTex HIGH PERFORMANCE, CHEMICAL SAVING MICROFIBRE (<1 DTEX) Product Selection - Available in other model, colour and size variants Microfibre mops are lighten than traditional mops and required less chemical! 33

Dosely is a soaking station allowing to soak single mops on demand, with considerable water and chemical saving. With Dosely it is possible to soak only the mops really needed, avoiding you to prepare mops, which could be unused. The dosage of the cleaning solution can be adjusted from 50 to 350 ml according to size of the area to clean and the kind of dirt. Only the side of the mop that goes in contact with the surface is soaked, only the chemical really needed will be used. Dosely is fully automated, it does not need electricity to work and does not require the use of batteries that must be disposed of at the end od its life. DOSE THE RIGHT THING Soaking station 34

DOSAGE CONTROL AND CHEMICAL SAVING Dosing device cod. 00005905V Double dosing device cod. 00005915V Magic System 630P cod. MS630P0C0000 Magic System 810S cod. MS810S0C0A00 Product Selection - Available in other model, colour and size variants with single Dosely with double Dosely Soaking on-demand directly on trolley! 35

Making a proper separate waste collection is a prerequisite for recycling and a common duty to protect the environment. If managed correctly, waste can become a precious resource: its recycling allows the recovery of raw materials that are subsequently reintroduced into the production cycle, significantly reducing the impact on the environment. TTS’s commitment on this front results in a special range of products specifically designed to make separate waste collection simpler and more effective: bag-holder inserts and removable dividers allow you to freely configure the compartments of the trolley to give each waste the right place while the adhesive labels ensure the proper disposal of different types of waste in the appropriate bins, most of which are certified PSV - Second Life Plastic. Waste management 36

THE WASTE COLLECTION MAKING A DIFFERENCE! TTS SOLUTIONS INSERT FOR 120L AND 150L BAG HOLDER It can be divided from 1 up to 3 sections: 120 L 2x60 L 30+90 L 3x30 L It can be divided from 1 up to 3 sections: 150 L 2x75 L 50+100 L 3x50 L 90 L BAG HOLDER WITH DRAWER Upper bag holder: 90 L 2x45 L 30+60 L 3x30 L Lower drawer: 33 L 22 L 11+11 L 3x7 L SET WITH ADHESIVE LABELS FOR SEPARATE WASTE COLLECTION Easy to be applied on containers, waste bins or service trolleys. Customize your working tools for a separate waste collection, really making a difference! PAPER GLASS METAL PLASTIC FOOD WASTE Product Selection - Available in other model, colour and size variants 37


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